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We offer a wide variety of options from less expensive tracks to the most heavy-duty, durable product made to withstand the rigors of deep ripping or pulling a pan scraper. Our product lineup is as deep as it is diverse, featuring multiple styles and brands. As one of the leading Continental distributors in the midwest, AXON is proud to offer Continental Trackman® in both HP Extreme and Standard Ag varieties.

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Approved areas of Continental distribution:
Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma,
S. South Dakota, S. Minnesota


Not in our track distribution territory? We can still help with your track components. Our undercarriage wheels are manufactured in-house to ensure they’re the best in the industry. Whether they’re going on a tractor, combine, harvester, grain cart or something else entirely, our new and re-manufactured wheels are available in a variety of factory colors, ready to take on any job.

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